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Good lender is a fast loan platform that offers the possibility of obtaining up to 1000 USD in 15 minutes without hardly meeting requirements, offering the first free loan to new clients.

In this way you can get a loan without interest or commissions in a few minutes quickly and easily.

To apply for fast loans online at Good lender you will not need to meet just requirements, since their loans are unsecured and do not need a guarantee or guarantor, you can get your loans without payroll or pension and offer loans with Financial Credit Institutions.

We show you how to apply for quick loans and credits online at Good lender, its requirements, characteristics and advantages.

How to apply for quick loans online at Good lender?

How to apply for quick loans online at Good lender?

Applying for quick loans online at Good lender is very simple, since you only have to fill out an application form on its website and it is not necessary to carry out paperwork or give unnecessary explanations. Here are the steps to request quick credits online at Good lender:

1. Make the loan request

To apply for the quick loan, you must access the Good lender application website. A new window will open with the application form on the Good lender..

On this page you have a selector for the amount of money you need, between $ 100 and $ 1000, and the term of return of the borrowed money, between 5 and 30 days.

You also have additional information about the loan, such as the date of return of the money and the interest rate applied.

This interest rate will be 0% if it is your first credit, since this company offers the first free credit to new clients.

2. Verify your identity

Next you will need to verify your identity, so that they can verify that the data you have entered is true. For this you will need to have an identity document (DNI or NIE) and a bank account at a bank.

3. Receive the money

Once the loan is approved, and your identity is verified, the money from the quick loan will be deposited directly into your bank account, so that in less than 24 hours you will have the money available.

Good lender is a fast credit broker, which means that they do not offer the loan directly and contact users with fast credit companies, so depending on the selected credit you can have the money within 15 minutes to 24 hours.

Requirements to make the request

Good lender offers fast loans online without hardly fulfilling requirements, since it offers loans without endorsement, credits without payroll or pension, and even loans with Financial Credit Institutions.

The requirements that you have to fulfill to complete the online application are the following:

  • Be a resident in Spain.
  • Have a national identity document, such as DNI or NIE.
  • Be between 18 and 80 years old.
  • Have an email account and a mobile phone.
  • Have an account in a bank in Spain.

You will need to complete the application and verify the data entered, as we indicated in the previous section.

Characteristics of Good lender

Characteristics of Good lender

Good lender is an intermediary between users and credit institutions, offering a wide variety of loans and quick credits online, aimed at financing any financial situation. It offers the possibility of obtaining up to $ 1,000 in 15 minutes with a simple application through the Internet and without paperwork.

Good lender offers a wide variety of loans, tailored to each of your financial needs, including the following:

Microcredits online

Online microcredits offer money in a matter of minutes without meeting requirements and simply by making an online application. By requesting microcredits through Good lender you can get up to 300 USD in 15 minutes, you will not need payroll and you can get approval even if you are on a list of defaulters like Financial Credit Institutions.

Personal loans

Good lender offers personal loans online up to $ 1000, which you can have within 24 hours and get the approval decision in just 15 minutes. Online personal loans offer the liquidity you need to finance anything without giving explanations and without the need for a guarantee, since they only need the guarantee of the person requesting them.

Loans with Financial Credit Institutions

If you are in delinquent listings and need financing, loans with Financial Credit Institutions can help you, since they offer quick money to people who are in these listings. Good lender offers loans with Financial Credit Institutions and helps you get the financing you need at all times.

Payroll-free loans

If you do not have a payroll or pension, it will be difficult for you to access the financing, since they usually ask for these types of requirements to be able to apply. Payroll loans offer the possibility of getting quick money to people who are unemployed, underemployed or self-employed.

 Advantages of applying for quick loans at Good lender

Advantages of applying for quick loans at Good lender

Good lender offers many advantages when it comes to requesting quick loans online, so we will show you briefly below:


Through this company you can get the money you need in record time, since it offers the possibility of getting a loan in 15 minutes.


As a fast loan broker, Good lender offers a wide range of loan amounts and durations, offering you the flexibility you need when applying for a loan online.


Good lender has simple and clear terms and conditions, not having small print. This means that you will have transparency when applying for a loan through them.


The request is made in a secure environment and the information you provide will be safe.

First free loan

Good lender offers the first free loan to new clients.

This means that you can get the financing you need without having to pay interest or commissions, being a good opportunity to obtain free financing for whatever you want.

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